Repair popsocket in seconds

A popsocket is a useful accessory for your phone. It helps you to give a firm grip on the device and makes it easy to take selfies without dropping the phone. Unfortunately, there are times when people drop their phones and as a result, removal of popsocket from the device may cause scratches and damages. To avoid such situations, here are three easy to use methods that can help you repair popsocket in seconds without leaving any marks on the device.

1. Use a hairdryer

This is among the best ways to fix popsocket damage fast. Turn on your hair dryer and keep it close to the popsocket. Then, slowly move it close to popsocket and start heating up the area around it. Once the adhesive becomes soft, you can easily lift up popsocket without leaving any marks on your device’s surface.

2. Use ice cubes

For this method, all you have to do is place some ice cubes over the damaged area. Then, slowly apply pressure using a cloth or any other soft material. Once the adhesive around popsocket becomes flexible, you can lift it up without leaving any marks on your phone’s surface.

3. Use a hair straightener

Using a hair straightener is one of the easiest ways to repair popsocket damage fast and effectively. For this method, you have to make sure that the popsocket is fixed on the device. Then, turn on your hair straightener and keep it close to popsocket until adhesive starts melting down. Once it becomes soft, you can easily remove stuck parts without any marks on the surface of the device.

What are popsockets and what do they do ?

Before you start repairing popsocket damage, it is important to have some background knowledge about this accessory. Popsockets are amazing accessories that stick on the back of your phone or tablet thereby solving three purposes at once. First, they act as a sturdy grip that makes it easy for you to hold your device without worrying about slipping it off your hand. Secondly, they act as a stand that makes it easier for you to watch videos or images without holding the device. Finally, popsockets are excellent tools for self-portraits and group pictures since they help you take selfies hands-free i.e. without dropping your smartphone on the floor.

Why you may need a popsocket repair  ?

No matter how careful you are, there will be times when your popsocket will get damaged. It could happen if too much pressure is applied by the adhesive or it may become loose after a few days of use. If it happens, don’t worry because even though removing and replacing a popsocket needs more effort compared to sticking one on the device, there are three easy to use methods that can help you reset it without giving any marks on the surface.

As stated earlier, popsockets are very useful accessories that can help you take group pictures and selfies without dropping the device. Unfortunately, a small mishandling may cause damages to these devices. To avoid such situations, here are some tips you must keep in mind while using a popsocket:

1) Never put excessive pressure on your phone using a popsocket

2) Always use a popsocket on clean, smooth surfaces

3) Remove popsockets when not in use to avoid damage

4) Keep your device’s screen safe by avoiding impacts. If you drop your device while using a popsocket, here are three useful methods that can help you fix it without leaving any marks on the surface.

how to fix popsocket


Now that you know how to repair popsocket in seconds, you can use these methods the next time your device is damaged by popsockets. If there are no visible marks on your device’s surface after using popsocket again, you should consider yourself lucky.

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